A Day In The Life Of The Resigned

Poem by Dr. Joe Rubino

After all is said and done
And today is just a memory
We will look and laugh
And nod and sigh
And think it strange
To have tossed and worried
Hoped and prayed
For so familiar an ending.

Morning dawns
The city rises
Sweeping out the cobwebs of the mind
With well-worn brooms.
The moans of children off to school
To learn the ways to wipe the smiles off their faces.

Along the windings of the streets
The memories strive to linger
Of those who stood in fear
In stagnant and decaying lives
Not knowing of their right to choose
But opting to malinger.

The midday sun is strong and bright
For those who seek to find the light.
But for those in their hiding places
The darkness tends to conceal all faces.

The sun goes down
As dusk grows near
Turning memory into fear.
The chance to do – again gone by
We turn... and climb the stair... and sigh.

Too long day
(He'll turn and say).
She yawns
And nods her head.

Evening's come
The moon reminds
With such a grin
That wipes the laughter from your chin
The choice to act again passed by.

Bed awaits
It’s time for sleep
To gather strength
To live again
The memories that we keep.

How well does this poem describe your day?

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