Attitude Is Everything Or Is It?

An excerpt from the book, The Winner's Way : A proven method for achieving your personal best in any situation

Attitude is everything or so they say. Attitude is on everyone’s lips and everyone’s mind. We even have shorthand cue to spur ourselves and others on. "Get over it!" "What’s your problem", "What do you mean you just can’t do it?"

Ask any kid playing on a sports field or competing in the classroom. They will tell you that attitude is the key. And they will probably tell you that you just have to get over yourself and do it. Still, in their hearts, they know it isn’t quite so simple.

Pick up any book on improving your life. Whether it's in the personal or business realm, you will find more than a thousand and one ideas on how to change your attitude. Many of them say the same things –recite positive mantras and tell yourself you can do it. They include everything from looking in the mirror and mindlessly repeating that you like yourself to firing yourself up to scurry over hot rocks with hundreds of people that you will never see again. These are instances in which these equations might work- especially you are already feeling good when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the looking glass, or if your work or home life involves scrambling over steamy boulders- not the metaphorical rocky shores. But there are other circumstances when I have seen affirmations create false expectations and disappointing results. It takes more than words and just striving for a positive attitude to get you where you want to go.

How true is the above for your life?

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Ella Moss said...

I am not sure if I posted my comment successfully.
So I went back.
I like your blog very much and would like to exchange links.
Visit me at
and, if interested, post me a comment with your url.

shilpan said...

Most of these assumptions are wrong. I am in real estate, mainly hotels, business. I started out with $28K 10 years ago and by taking risk, I own now three hotels.


Enhance Life said...

@Ella: Yes, you have posted successfully! I visited your blog and loved what you had to offer. I have bookmarked it and will visit often.

@Shilpan: I believe your comment was intended for the previous post- "6 Investment Misconceptions That Stop You From Becoming A Millionaire" ??


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