Work Well From Home (Book Review)

An increasing number of people are deciding to work from home. Whether they are setting up their own business or trying to cut down on the amount of time they spend commuting, the idea of turning a space at home into and office is an appealing one.

Browsing Through Work Well from Home (Steps to Success)

Chapter 1: Deciding whether working from home would work for you
Working from home is an attractive option for many people, but there is clearly a lot to think about before you take the plunge. This chapter helps you identify whether working from home is a good option for you.

Chapter 2: Setting up your home office
Once you decide that working from home is the best option for you, you need to make it happen. Planning the layout of your office, getting the right equipment and insurance are what is covered here.

Chapter 3: Getting used to working from home
This chapter talks about creating boundaries, getting into a routine and creating a life balance.

Chapter 4: Learning to prioritize tasks
Keeping control of tasks is an essential skill to master, especially if you are working from home. The tips given here can be used as a framework to guide you to the variety you need, in your daily life.

Chapter 5: Maintain your relationships with the office and key contacts
When you are working from home you’re all the more likely to need a strong network to be as effective as you can in your work. This chapter gives advice on how to keep in touch with your contacts.

Chapter 6: Working as part of a virtual team
Members of a virtual team may all work for the same company, be a mix of employees and freelances, or be entirely freelance. Team members may be scattered across one country or all around the world. This chapter talks about how to build rapport with all your members and also the different roles in the team.

Chapter 7: Coping with feelings of isolation
The natural contacts of the daily commute, bumping into friends in the kitchen, going out for lunch or after-work activities may be things that you might need to give up. After some time you probably miss the social side of the working life.

Chapter 8: Setting up as a free agent
This chapter examines the reasons you would want to be a freelancer, and if you decide to do so how you can build your development plan.

My favorite excerpt
Create some boundaries
It’s hopeless trying to balance your laptop on your knee in the kitchen while you attempt to avoid intrusions from family and friends; you need to set rules for yourself and others so that everyone can support you efforts rather than sabotage them.
If there are other people at home, be clear about the time you set aside for working. Non-work interruptions can be frustrating when you are trying tog et something done to a deadline.


  • Is a small pocket size book which is cleanly written and presented.

  • Each chapter takes the same format of first presenting an introduction, followed by the tips, the common mistakes and useful links.

  • The links provided at the end of each chapter, and some tips given, led me to believe that this book is targeted towards the UK audience.

  • Is an ideal guide for someone who is contemplating the shift to work from home.

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nilantha said...

great job

NILANTHA said...

great job

Suzanne Morris said...

I will be checking out this book since I work from home! Thanks for pointing us to this resource. I find the hardest part is working in my "office." I usually end up on my laptop in my family room!

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