6 Things Simon Cowell (Of American Idol) Would Say About Your Blog!

Simon Cowell (Of American Idol) Would Say About Your Blog

1#. "If you've got a big mouth and you're controversial, you're going to get attention."

You can stir the pot with your posts. You are daring and different. You provide your blog readers with fresh thinking, that challenges pre-conceived and outmoded notions.

2#. "I thought it was very good. You set the benchmark"

You are a blogging idol. You can create an immediate visual impression of credibility and authority via color, design and content. Others take you as an example. You have a huge reader base.

3#. "It was a bit like ordering a hamburger and only getting the bun. The vital ingredient -- the bit in the middle was missing."

You have a great blog layout. The strong color scheme used weaves the page together. The blog design is professional and easy on the eyes. However, you lack unique, idiosyncratic and good quality content.

4#. "Absolutely on the money"

Your blog is considered to be a dependable storehouse in your niche. You have a firm purpose. You drive right to the heart of the matter with no off-topic meandering.

5#. "You are forgettable"

Visitors come to your blog. They read a few posts, then leave. They don’t come back; they don’t subscribe to your RSS feed. At the end of the day, they won’t even remember what they read about in your blog.

6#. "You have just invented a new form of torture"

Your blog design has too many sidebars along with unblended color combinations. There are so many animated advertisements. The blog takes ages to load. The visitors have a hard time finding their way around the blog. What you write, does not add value.

7#. “You have to show originality. I didn't see any. I miss your personality.”

You are a beginning blogger. You are someone who is trying to find your blogging voice. You find it difficult to connect with your readers on a personal level.

8#. "A natural. A total natural. And I like you."

You provide loads of good material for users to enjoy, absorb, and ponder. Your personal commentary, analysis, or opinion is included to make your blog more interesting and appealing. You try not to be all things to all readers.

So, what do you think Simon Cowell, would say about this blog? Leave a comment and let me know! Of course, it was entirely ad-hoc that #8 had to be, what it is! ;-)

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MissG3128 said...

#8. Your blog is pragmatic, whimsical, instructional, thought provoking with some genuine caring showing through. A good deal of what you write about and cull for inclusion is actually "real world" in its content versus feel good hype. Thanks for all the work and thought you put into it. (American Idol isn't high on my list, so this may not be a Simon Cowellesque type remark - but the feedback is long overdue).

Simon Cowell said...

This post is dreadful. I mean, really dreadful. I don't have words in my vocabulary to describe how terrible this blog is. It started out badly and then just sank. Like the Titanic, but with less grace. Don't waste my time.

Mark said...

That was fun well done!

Enhance Life said...

@MissG3128: A comment like that would make anyone's day :-)

@Simon Cowell: He he! good one! you know how to crush someones spirit :0)
But then... the show must go on, and the people will vote :-)

@Mark: Thanks you Mark.

g√ľnstige kfz-versicherungen said...

Good tips. Thanks for your post.

Shilpan said...

It's hilarious and informative. I like it. Content is king.


Ginger M said...

This is a creative post! Well done! :D

Robin said...

Good Heavens - who was that simon guy?

Anyway, HA HA I like it! Makes me think we should start an Idol for bloggers. Good post!

cu - Robin

Jeff@MySuperChargedLife said...

This is great and right on the money to Dawg! It would make Paula get up and dance. Great job!

Deborah said...

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rechtsschutzversicherung said...

pretty good post. Keep it up. Thanks for your post.

Michael Pekker said...

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Have a good weekend!

sumati said...

great post,thanks for sharing.

Ribeezie said...

Ha! This is hilarious!!! Now here's a great way to do a reader audit of our blogs, just imagine Simon is sitting right there.. What would he say? I know one thing for sure, he wouldn't hold back.

Grant said...

Great post, I love how Simon Cowell is now a form of reviewing! haha nice!

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