8 Stress-Busting, Spirit Lifting, Body-Boosting Ideas To Brighten Your Day With Music

1. Wake up to music

Sometimes, a morning funk can ruin your entire day. So it is always best to start your day on a happy foot.

Most of my life, I had a boring and annoying "beeping" alarm clock. When the alarm went off each morning, I always wished I had a few extra minutes to sleep! Things changed when I received a "sophisticated" radio as a birthday gift, for my 21st birthday. I can set the alarm to a radio station, a CD or even my own playlist.
I generally have a couple of pre-created playlists. I load the playlist the previous night. It takes less than two minutes to choose one and set it up. Waking up to songs like "Manic Monday" on a Monday morning can really put a smile on your face!

2. Commute with music

I am sure most of you are already doing this. I wanted to add this anyway!

3. Increase your productivity by listening to music

I don’t know how many of you have the liberty of listening to music while working. I do! My work mostly involves sitting in front of a computer. Usually before I begin task, I find a playlist suited for my current mood, put my headphones and I am all geared up.

Listening to music through headphones also helps my concentration, and keeps me focused. It is a good way to shut out what’s happening in the background.
Note: if you are taking care of an infant, I wouldn’t recommend this!

4. Music makes exercise more effective

Music makes exercise more effectiveStudies have shown that listening to music during exercise can improve results, both in terms of being a motivator (people exercise longer and more vigorously to music) and as a distraction from negatives like fatigue. When totally absorbed in music, the focus changes from what your body is experiencing to the external sounds you’re hearing.

Last Friday, I was detained at work and got a bit late to go to my fitness center (my regular swim). It seems they switch on the radio at that time of the night. When I was underwater, I was able to hear the soothing music. It really was very relaxing. Now I know the best time to go for a swim!

5. Personalize your ring tones and ring-in tones

You can use the caller id feature, and customize ring tones. Wouldn’t it be nice to know who is calling from the ring tone? I have a friend, who has configured the ring tones in such way that every time his girlfriend calls it plays the song, "Crazy For you" and when one of his ex’s call the ring tone is "To all the girls I loved before"!

Some telephone networks provided ring-in tones. It simply means that depending on the person who is calling you, you can choose a song to play.
Once upon a time, there was a guy in my university who had a crush on me. One day I was touched (and surprised!) to hear the Beatles "Let It Be Me" song play when I called him. Ring-in tones can be a thoughtful way of making the caller feel special.

6. When burdened with boring chores

music makes boring chores interestingBelieve me, music has the power to make those ad-hoc boring tasks (we all have to do once in a while) a little more interesting! It’s all about finding the right songs to play.

7. Relax with music

There are times when we all want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The worst part is, you can go very far!
When confronted with times like these, find some soothing music (instrumental classics are the best!) and a quite corner. Just listening to this type of music can make you feel calm and relaxed.

8. Listen to music when eating vegetables!

Listen to music when eating vegetablesYou know those green vegetables are good for you even though eating it is not always appetizing. Have some music when you are eating and you might notice those vegetables disappear. This approach should not be used for ice cream and chocolate!

There is one more thing you can do while listening to music. I am a bit too modest (and embarrassed!) to write it here. I think we all know what it is ;-)

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Jennifer said...

Music can really effect your mood in so many ways. I think I need to try playing music for my husband to get him to eat his vigies. :) He loves music and hates vigies, so just maybe....

Seriously though, one of the ways I teach people to stop ruminating or rolling around a negative event over and over again in their heads is to listen to music. (It certainly has to be the right kind though.) It's my favorite way to stop rumination.

Lady divine said...

music sure does do wonders actually..:) but i can never study with music...:(

good post...yet again!!:D

Robin said...

You know what Shamelle - I actually disagree with you! About using so much music during the day, that is.

I like to have my mind to myself most of the time, so I can think my own thoughts - and get creative or whatever. Music tends to manipulate thoughts in some way or other. People who are AFRAID of their thoughts use music all the time - they are running away from them by using music and are only heading for greater emotional problems down the track… they are losing an opportunity to heal themselves. People who are at peace with themselves don't need music all the time.

Having said that - some music while doing housework can be great!

Good luck with your blog - Robin

Enhance Life said...

@Jennifer: Very true. The "right music" has the effect of turning those blah-moods around.

@Lady divine: I know what you mean. I can't study with music either. However, I used to sums(Maths) while listening to music.

@Robin: Its ok to disagree :-) Each one of us are "wired" in different ways and what works for some, won't work for all.

Thank you all for visiting and commenting.

JHS said...

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electonica_wizard said...

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Ananga said...

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