www.TheEnhanceLife.com Is The New Domain

I am happy to announce that you can now view this site on its own domain, www.TheEnhanceLife.com.

It has definitely taken me a long time to switch to a custom domain. I finally decided it was time I took the plunge.

Why I decided to shift to a custom domain

1. Over the past few months the hours I spent writing a post has increased, beyond my wildest imagination(No, no not for this post!). I have come to a point where I consider blogging an enjoyable hobby; something I plan on doing for a while.
2. I want to build more credibility and a sense of professionalism around my blog. I didn’t think having a blogspot extension would measure up.
3. I like to create a brand. Something to call my own!

Factors I Considered when Choosing a Domain Name

Gosh, this was very difficult! I think naming a baby would have been much easier!
1. Blog Title
I wanted to go with EnhanceLife.com unfortunately this was already taken. My list of suggestions include

I still have the list which has a collection of about 100 domain names! Then I remembered that if I change too much of the title I will have to change the blog header image as well.
Then I decided to take the closest to enhance life. www.TheEnhanceLife.com. It was my second choice, but I wasn’t too sure people could read it clearly when written in a url. www.theenhancelife.com.

2. Domain name length
I didn’t want it to be too long because the users would find it annoying to type. Not to mention, poor me, who would be using it a lot!

3. Memorability
Adding hyphens and numbers can make it tricky for readers to remember the blog name.

4. Speaking
I wanted the domain name to be "pronounceable". Related to the above, adding hyphens and numbers can make this complicated.

Anyway, this is just the start! There are more changes to come.. Positive changes ;-). Stay tuned! If you haven’t subscribed to the blog feed, subscribe now.

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Gayan Balasooriya said...

I am also want to get a domain for me. Since there are lot of domain name providers it is hard to find a one.
And I get most of the traffic through google search so seems a domain name is not needed.

shilpan said...

Chamelle -

Enhance Life is a beautiful name. You have a nice blog. I've subscribed. Thanks for visiting my blog.


Thomas said...

Nice blog, and congratulations to a fantastic domain name. Still remember when we looked for name for our Life Coaching Business. So many things to consider and then you think you have the right name just to find out it has been taken already.

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