The Benefits Of Uncertainty (Yes, You Read It Correct!)

The world we live and work in is marked by unprecedented uncertainty. The certainty path is just one path (on most occasions). There’s undoubtedly a lot of exciting stuff on that plan. Then again, there are an infinite number of uncertainty paths, which might also be exciting!

I am not a big fan of uncertainty myself. I like the plain old “non-risky” certainty path. But despite its unpopularity, there are some benefits of uncertainty, even though we don’t realize it.

1. Uncertainty is fun whenever you are in a receptive mood.

Can you recall a situation where uncertainty brought you pleasure? For example, may be you wouldn’t have met your loved one, if it hadn’t been for [insert your reason here]. Or Say that on a recent trip to Seville you forgot your guidebook, headed for the old town and got a bit lost. But did you find some places you’d have never come across otherwise. And you got much more opportunity to use your Spanish. It was fun.

2. Uncertainty will allow you to develop acceptance.

Acceptance is an ability to simply accept what’s happening and live with it. Yes, I know; when bad things happen to us none of us like it. But bad things happen....they do! It’s a fact of life, and sometimes there’s nothing much we can do about it. With time, we come to accept these uncertain situations and it shapes us to be the person we are today.

3. Uncertainty gives you access to creative breakthroughs.

There are times, when those “what if” questions lead to wonderful discoveries. “What if ” thinking is only powerful when it springs out of curiosity rather than fear. Whatever your role, your job, you will appreciate that creativity.

4. Uncertainty keeps hope alive.

Think about it. If we knew what would be in store for us for the coming months for certain, then it is very like that we won’t be that hopeful. For example, lets say you can know for SURE that the oil prices are going to rise even future, for the next 2 years. If you knew this for SURE, it is very unlikely that you will be hopeful of reduced oil prices. So, in its weird way, uncertainty gives us hope.

5. Uncertainty is not silly.

As we measure and metric and litigate the spontaneity out of the world, realize that uncertainty is not foolish but remarkably powerful. Can you be uncertain enough to cope?

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Sara said...

Uncertainty means anything is possible! I'm not a huge fan of it, but it does (as my dad would say) build character. I would add that it's important to try not to make everyone else around you miserable with overanalysis as you wade through your options or wait for a decision.

vegas weddings and receptions said...

The trick is in learning how to be assertive without being aggressive. While it is all very well to say that the other should be more important, unless it pleases me, or rather makes me happy to do so, it is counterproductive.

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