Character: What Every Person Ought To Know

Over the weekend I was reading The 21 Indispensable Qualities Of A Leader by John C.Maxwell. This book is loaded inspirational gems, and there was a specific chapter on character, which led me to write this post.

1. Character goes beyond words

Anyone can say that he has integrity, but action is the real indicator of character. Your character determines who you are. Who you are determines what you see. What you see determines what you do.~ John C.Maxwell
In other words, your thoughts and actions create habits, which become your character.

2. Character is a choice

We have no control over a log of things in life. We don’t get to choose our parents. We don’t select the location or circumstances of our birth and upbringing… . But we do choose our character. In fact, we create it every tie we make choices to cop out or dig out of a hard situation, to bend the truth or stand under the weight of it, to take the easy money or pay the price. As you live your life and make choices today, you are continuing to create your character.~ John C.Maxwell
However big or small, be conscious every day of the decisions you make. These decisions shape you to be the person you really want to be.

3. No one can steal your character

Your character is one of the few things in life that no one will ever be able to forcefully take away from you.

4. Character is much easier kept than recovered

Once we let our actions tarnish our character, the recovery process is tedious and will no doubt take a long time to build.

5. No amount of wealth can compensate for a lack of character.Period!

6. Your character is unique

It’s yours! While there may be others with similar characteristics, your character will not match entirely with anyone else.

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