31 Ideas To Escape The Monotonous Daily Routine

Is your daily routine starting to get a bit well, predictable? It’s not necessarily that what you do is boring. Routines have their purpose. Many people like them, as it gives some comfort and security. However, sometimes it gets too comfortable and leads to a lack of action.

Here are a few simple things you can do, without altering your routine too much. I am not suggesting that you consider all of them! Depending on your personality and life style there may be things you might/might not want to try out.

1. Vary your travel routine. Do you always take the train to work? Can you take the bus instead? Do you vary it much, if at all?

2. Do you always read the sports page first? Change your reading routine.

3. Vary your television and radio routine. Never watch TV at 3 am? You’ll be amazed at what’s on!

4. Go to a strange restaurant or go to a familiar restaurant and order something totally different from your usual.

5. Try out a new recipe you've been meaning to try.

6. Get up on the other side of your bed (if there’s no wall!)

7. Always eat cereal for breakfast? Try some fruits with it or have something different for a change.

8. Subscribe to Enhance Life ;-)

9. Volunteer your time. Giving back to your community or find a charitable organization which could use a pair of hands.

10. Learn a new language

11. Just do nothing! Sit in the porch!

12. Rearrange your desk or furniture around

13. Clean! Your room, file cabinet, wardrobe etc.

14. Dance; Jive, waltz or just shake your booty!

15. Sing in the shower!

16. Organize; hard disk, kitchen knives etc

17. Change your writing spot e.g. blogging

18. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in ages or make a few calls to people who would be happy to hear from you (like your mother!)

19. Make conversation with a stranger

20. Try a crossword or sudoko puzzle

21. Go for a spiritual service

22. Say a prayer

23. Take a short nap at an odd time.

24. Look into the sky... observe the stars!

25. Read a random page on wikipedia

26. Are you good at playing the piano? Guitar? Learn a new musical instrument.

27. Go to a library or a bookstore and browse some books.

28. Do a random act of kindness every day (a simple, small favor). Make it anonymous if possible.

29. Add something new to your regular exercise routine.

30. Babysit for a friend.

31. Visit a museum

Any ideas you can add to this list, and share with others?

Make a list of a few things you've been meaning to do. See how you can add them to garnish your day with some variety.

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Avani-Mehta said...

Hi Shamelle,
This is a great list. Would like to add play some game to the list. My family is crazy about board games. We play something or other all the time.

Sara said...

I like 'em all! Dance to music you've never heard, take a walk and let your pet lead the way, pick a place to go by closing your eyes and pointing... As long as we're open, our days can be as interesting as we make them.

sudip said...

You've said it all - simple and straight


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