Inspirational Quotes To Get You Through The Toughest Of Days

Inspirational Quotes To Get You Through The Toughest Of DaysIn life, all of us experience passing moments of frustration, disappointment, and pain; there are times when things seems hopeless and pointless. No matter how hard we try to remain positive about certain situations, it can be a little depressing.

At times, we may not have our loved ones around us to comfort us or give us the self assurance we need. Or we may not want to “talk” about it.
Going beyond a bucket of chocolate ice cream or a thanksgiving flower, inspirational quotes can be great asset when you feel this way. I have tried this myself and found it to be very effective. It is amazing how some quotes can help uplift even the most negative situation.

There a few quotes I remember and recall on a daily basis. These quotes help me stay calm and collected (sane!!), amidst times of chaos.

1. When people pounce on your self-confidence

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" ~Eleanor Roosevelt
Oh, there are some people who really suck self-confidence right out of me! There have been many occasions where I had to repeat this quote to myself.
Even though someone's words may be ugly (and even intentionally hurtful), no one can make you feel bad about yourself - UNLESS there is some part of you than agrees with what they're saying.
When we get caught up in emotion, all rationality is taken away. Remembering this quote is a good nudge to let you know that irrespective of what anyone says to you, if you know better, then there's no reason to take it to heart.

2. When you can’t take it any longer (& want to quit!)

"What does not kill me makes me stronger."~JohannWolfgang von Goethe
It’s no coincidence that I grit my teeth every time I say this to myself! It reminds me that whatever I am going through is just temporary; the “situation” I am in now will make me stronger to deal with other things life may throw at me.

3. When you are at cross roads trying to decide

"The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing that you will make one."~Ellen Hubbard
When I have a make a major decision, I generally look for a “guarantee card”. I know... life doesn’t work that way! Even though it’s something I am trying to shake off, there are moments where “the fear of making a mistake” is powerful enough to keep me immobilized.
That’s when I remember Ellen Hubbard wise words. The fear of making mistakes can prevent us from trying anything new or moving out of our comfort zone. This is such a waste of our skills and robs us from truly enjoying life.

Do you have a set of inspirational quotes that you keep in mind?

If not, compile a list of quotes for yourself. Try to recall the quotes when you are going through a rough patch.

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TAR said...

Nice :) The second quote really helps in dire situations..

Lady divine said...

Now that is a great post!!!

Shamelle said...

Tar, Lady divine: Thanks :0)

Michael Miles said...

I have many, many such quote. They are a source of profound inspiration to me.

rummuser said...

Many of us use religious texts like the Bible, the Bhagwat Geetha or the Dhammapada to find daily quotes to inspire us. I also know people who subscribe to some websites that send inspiring quotes and stories every day to them.

Avani-Mehta said...

Inspiring quotes. Loved - "What does not kill me makes me stronger."~JohannWolfgang von Goethe
It's what I believe in too.

My mantras are -
This too shall pass away
Whatever happens, happens for the best

Vered - MomGrind said...

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" - very true. It's also important to remember that you still need to let go of toxic friendships, because repeated negativity WILL affect you.

Lance said...

I love your third quote. Very true. The biggest mistake we can make is probably fearing mistakes and not doing what our heart sings to do.

Shamelle said...

@Michael Miles:Nice to know that you also use quotes as a source of inspiration.

@rummuser:Yes, religious sayings can also be used.

@Avani-Mehta:"This too shall pass away", I am going to add that to my list as well.

@Vered - MomGrind:True, I need to let go of toxic friendship. Sometimes, though its not a choice. When one is working or related, we simply have to bare with it :-)

@Lance:The problem is when the heart and mind sing out of tune ;-)

Jean Browman--Cheerful Monk said...

My favorite is my philosophy of life:

Stay curious and open to life. No matter what happens keep learning and growing. Find what you love to do and find a way to share it with others.

It works for me! :)

Albert | UrbanMonk.Net said...

I have loved the first one ever since I heard it a while back. Here's my favourite, I'm not sure who said it -- some say Frank Outlaw, some say that's a myth:

~ Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny. ~

Paula said...

Hi, thanks for that quote about self-confidence. Maybe that's what I needed to bring with me every time because as what you have said, when we get caught up in emotion, all rationality is taken away. I am very much like that. Even if I am not even told of something negative, I just felt it. My mind tried hard to focus on fighting that negative thought but my emotions are really strong. I hope this quote can help me, thanks.

CG Walters said...

This article was featured in the CelebraZine: 18 Oct 08,
Thank you for the all good work you do.
Blessings to you and all you hold dear,

Marleen said...

Correction: "What does not kill me makes me stronger" is Nietzsche's, not Goethe's.

Andy:InspireWeb said...

I like the quote "What does not kill me makes me stronger."~JohannWolfgang von keeps me going,even when i meet stumbling blocks in this world,i know there is nothing that can slow me down.Thank you for sharing.

Thomas said...

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" This is arguably my favorite quote of all time. It's an incredibly message that I continually have to remind myself.

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