7 Effective Uses Of Quotes That Will Make You Memorable, Motivated & Healthier

If you have been reading Enhance Life for a while, you would have noticed by now that I am a quotes fanatic! From the response I received for inspirational quotes that get me through the toughest of days, I realize that I am not the only one!

What may be less evident to you is exactly how you can use them to improve your daily life. The next time you read a great quotation, do more than just think it is it very good. Decide to use one of the seven ideas below, to help the wisdom of the quotation benefit you and those around you.

Using Quotes To Make Yourself Memorable

1. The making of a remarkable gift
bracelet with quoteDid I mention that December 2nd was my birthday! I got a fabulous gift (let’s not go into details.. ahem..). The gift itself was both expensive and useful; I was more touched by the note that came along with the gift! Needless to say it had a great quote, that made my day!
So yes, quotes are a great way to express gratitude, love , admiration, or respect for a person. Believe me, quotes have a way of adding an essence of magic, even to a extra special gift!
I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.~Maya Angelou

2. Add to the email signature
Most people generally include their name, contact information etc at the bottom of every email. Consider using a quote that is thought provoking, funny or one that expresses a belief or value.
By doing so, you are giving others a glimpse of your personality, something to think about and at the same time you are differentiating yourself from the crowd.

3. Using quotes in presentations, documents
In order to be irreplaceable one must be different ~Coco Chanel
Many presenters opt to include the quotations in presentations. The “right quotation” can enhance your speech and leave you memorable in the eyes of your audience.

Using Quotes To Keep You Motivated (/Sane!)

4. Add an inspirational desktop wallpaper
What do you see when you first turn on your computer? Some of us probably have a desktop wallpaper of the hottest movie or video game… Or maybe a favorite actor or singer. If such wallpaper motivate you to get things done.. then leave it as it is! If not, consider adding an inspiring quote as the desktop wallpaper. Notice the difference!

5. Humorous/motivating wall hanging
humorous quoteThe environment in which you work has a profound effect on your level of motivation. Aside from appliances and office furniture designed to help make our workplace a better place, there are some small items that unconsciously push you into get things done. One of the most popular office items that many employers use in putting workers in a good mood are framed motivational quotes.

Using Quotes To Stay Healthy

6. Meditation
Find an inspiring quote and use it as a seed for your thoughts when meditating.

7. Carve some quotes to your memory!
Are you someone who gets angry often? May be you feel depressed now and then? Try repeating a soothing quote in such a situation.

Do you have any creative uses of quotes that you like to share?

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Martin Wildam said...

I noticed that songs also often contain good quotes - I do sing those parts of such songs in the morning under the shower for instance to get them into mind.

Madelaine said...

Love the all these ideas!
Great Job!!
I am really into these kind of things!
I just went to this site that I found and bought all these really cool fridge magnets that had motivational and inspirational sayings on them and I will give some to my friends at work!
Anyway, just wanted to say that I liked your ideas and thanks for sharing them.

rummuser said...

You would have perhaps noticed. I use a lot of quotes. Why reinvent the wheel?

LifeMadeGreat | Juliet said...


I have a few specific quotes that I use when I experience certain "negative" emotions. I think of the quote as soon as I feel the emotion arising and it has the effect of cutting it off.


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