Getting Past Your Past, Is It Really Possible?

Getting past your pastWonderful memories, regrets, mistakes, learning experiences, fun, unforgettable people…. All these and more, make up our past.

“Oh, get over it”, “Let it go”, “move on”…..
Self-help books mention this; may be your friends/loved ones have said it. However, anyone who has a “burdened past”, know how difficult it is.

May be you are still holding on hoping it would last....
May be you are in denial about everything that went wrong...
Just may be..... you were too late ...

Anger, hatred, bitterness, resentments and thoughts of revenge are heavy weights that slow a person down. Allowed to fester, these negative feelings can consume increasingly larger portions of your life. You realize that to be healthy, productive, and successful, you can't stay stuck in it either. So what do you do about it?

1. The past is only alive if you keep it alive

Having said that, I am fully aware that no one is capable of just snapping fingers and erasing the past. Only the characters in the Heroes TV series can do that!
However, no matter what your past burdens are, you need to be able to walk away from them, instead of letting them control your present. Take the lesson you learnt, and learn not to do it again. What happens in the past is exactly that, passed, and you must learn to live for now.

2. Don’t shackle yourself with regret.

We have regrets, feelings of guilt, wishing or thinking we should have done this or that differently. I am sure that you have a list of "should of's" and "could of's"; you may think that if you acted differently or made another choice, that somehow situations might have turned out better. That could be true, but nothing can change the past.
Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.~ Anonymous

3. Appreciate yourself as a tested survivor

Think of all of the times that you have struggled and pulled through! For some of us it is easier to see it as the end and give up, however that goes against pretty much everything that we have stood for up until now. You see, survival is a natural instinct and the reality that you are still here and still alive shows that you have this natural instinct.

4. The future CAN be better than the past

When your past seems overwhelming the inner voice says, "I've failed then so I'll fail now," or equivalent. Being a pessimist doesn't fetch you anything. It only looks good & glamorous only in movies!

Learn from the past but don’t assume that your past automatically equals your future. Fill this life with anticipation. Expect great things will happen to you!
You can’t have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time.~Charles F.Kettering

Getting past your past, Is it really possible?

The past is a tricky thing. It has shaped you; it has made you who you are today. If it was difficult or painful, you can't just cut yourself off from it. Some scars remain for life. I don’t think that we really "get over" our past. (Just my way of thinking. You are free to disagree or have a different opinion. There is a reason why this post is filed under – Think tank)
To me, “getting over it” doesn't mean forgetting the experience. It simply means going through the process of dealing with the situation, to the point where it can no longer create a block or problem for me.
The question is, 'do you love yourself enough to just let it go?'

Finally…No matter what has gone before, your future and how you feel about it will be a direct result of what you do from now on. It is being shaped right now, moment by moment, as the consequences of your desires, thoughts, dreams, actions, and words begin to crystallize.


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Avani-Mehta said...

A part of making peace with past is accepting it and stop fighting it. It is natural to remember the past and think about it - especially when the experience in fresh.

I do believe that over a period of time, we need to let go of our past to have a better present and future.

Diane said...

Sometimes I think the past can help someone else and or help you in the future. SO embracing the lessons always helps to move you forward.

rummuser said...

It is called optimism of the past when we keep wondering what if! Total waste of time. As long as we are prepared to accept that all our actions result in some reactions and they can be as per expectation, lower than expectation, more than expectation or completely different from we had expected, the future also becomes manageable.

asphalt mix plant said...

You see, survival is a natural instinct and the reality that you are still here and still alive shows that you have this natural instinct.

concrete batch plant said...

It is called optimism of the past when we keep wondering what if! Total waste of time.

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