The Only Way To Stay True To New Year Goals

New year goalsWhen talking about new year goals some people are skeptical. I was too… up until a few years ago. The main reason I didn’t believe in setting new year goals is because I didn’t follow through. Sure, I would be excited about it in the month of January. February, a little less.. By March.. its slipping away.. April.. it’s a forgotten memory!

I was reluctant to set such goals because
1. I couldn’t stay committed
2. I would be disappointed (with a dose of guilt!)

On the other hand, setting new year goals

  • It inspires you to do something.
  • Helps you decide what you want to achieve.
  • Increase your energy levels.
  • Helps you remain in control of your life.
  • Gives you a reason and value for your existence.
  • Eliminates the irrelevant and unimportant.
As I grew older (and wiser!) I realized that new year goals are similar to every other goal we set in life. Needless to say that the time period is a year!

The problem… I was going with the flow and just setting new year goals for the "sake of doing so". Now, I am more “cautious” in setting goals. If I don’t have the desire and passion, to see it through it does not make it to my new year goals. At the end of the day.. the question is….

How Badly Do You Want it?
Bad enough to ask yourself EVERYDAY for the rest of year, “What are the most important things I can do today to take me nearer to my goal?”
Bad enough to be self motivated?
Do you want it bad enough, to MOVE from thinking to DOING?
Bad enough to make sacrifices? when everything else is so tempting?
Do you want it bad enough to get rid of procrastination?

If the answer is “No”, its time to re-visit the goals ;-0)

Do you believe in setting new year goals? How do you keep plan to keep yourself on track?

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Jessica T. said...

I just wrote a post the other day about making New Years resolutions. Feel free to check it out! I'm obviously a fan of them. Then again, I'm making new resolutions and goals year-round.

Shamelle said...

@Jessica: I did check your post and it was very comprehensive. Thank you.

Martin Wildam said...

Your picture says it - often there is a current situation and a goal but the path how to get there is missing some steps.

How badly you want something often depends on how much you suffer with your current situation.

Martin Wildam said...

Your picture says it: Often the path to the goal is missing some important piece.

How badly you want something often depends on how much you suffer in your current situation.

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