Tired & True Ways Of Recovering From Setbacks (Making 2009, Better Than 2008!)

Recover from setbacksThroughout a person’s life, they are faced with numerous obstacles, and challenges of different types. There are times, when you want to say to life: “Please give me a break. Just give me a chance to catch my breath.” But life doesn’t listen. Sometimes, as soon as we raise our heads, it knocks us back down. Can you relate to a time in your life, perhaps even now.....,

Does it seem like no matter what you do, things just don't seem to be working in your favor?

My life in particular, has not been an easy walk in the park! But through all, I am still moving! (May be not at the exact pace I wanted… though)
A wise friend once told me,
“After you have been knocked down or pushed back by life, you should acknowledge the setback, understand why it happened, and then make a leap ahead of where you were when you were hit. That’s how to become the person you always wanted to be.”

It turned out to be good advice! Along my journey, I have learned a few things that I think can enrich the above statement.

Take a Snapshot of Your Life from a Helicopter
Shift your view point. There is more than one perspective on a situation. Question yourself; get in proportion. How much will it matter in 10 years time?

When Everything Goes Wrong, Make Something Else Go Right
When something goes badly that you can't change, it can seem like everything is going wrong. Instead of giving up, you can make something else go right.
Do something - anything - that gives you a little charge. The idea is to think, say or do a number of things that you’ve found through experience charge you up a little.

Recognize The Importance Of Attitude
It’s one thing to be positive when things are going well, but it is something altogether different when life catches you on the blind side.

You can control your attitude towards the situation you find yourself in. Avoid any tendency to view yourself as unfortunate victim battered by circumstance.

Acknowledge What You’ve Learned And Your Effort
No matter how bad it is, no matter how much it hurts, how much money you lost….the lesson you learned from it is FAR more valuable, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time.
Sometimes, is not about having success in everything that you do; it is the effort that counts! Abandon the notion that the game is only worth playing if you win. Acknowledge that you’ve done your best, even if you have failed to produce favorable results.

Keep A Record Of Setbacks Overcome
I don’t fancy keeping a record of the setbacks that occurred in my life. However, it’s a tool I used for future setbacks! If I can recall these incidents in my mind I know that, “If I got through that I can get through this too!”
Take Refuge In Religion
There are times, despite our best efforts there’s nothing we can do to make the situation better. I don’t know whether you believe in religion or have faith. But I am just going to say it anyway. Take it to the Lord in prayer.

Don’t Lose Belief
A setback is emotionally tiring and debilitating. Sometimes it leaves you feeling inadequate and not good enough. So, believe that good things ARE going to follow; great things WILL occur when you get up, dust yourself off, and go at life… with renewed determination and courage. All the best!

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Children Teaching said...

Fantastic Post.. It actually happens when there is something which goes wrong in the life, we feel so depressed that we also make other things wrong. You are very rite, instead of crying what happened we need to make at least something else rite. So that we can feel better.. I never thought in that way..
Thanks for showing me the new look to bad situation..

Juliet - LifeMadeGreat said...


Some great points. I particularly like:
"When Everything Goes Wrong, Make Something Else Go Right"
I'm going to give that a go.
"Keep A Record Of Setbacks Overcome"
That will certainly be useful. It's hard enough to see the good things when you have a setback, let alone the bad things that you've overcome!

Thank you

Jean Browman--Cheerful Monk said...

Timely advice! It's also refreshing to read posts about how life doesn't always go the way we would like even when we play our part well.

Julian said...

Good analogy with the helicopter. I find keeping this 'big picture' in mind is essential to stop getting caught up in the daily grind.

Mark said...

Excellent advice all the way around!

Christine O'Kelly said...

Fabulous post - I use a version of #1 often. Whenever something "big" is happening my life, I picture the earth from space and think... is this really a big deal in the scheme of things?!? Usually, not. #4, Acknowledge What You’ve Learned. is huge too... these are all great!

:D Christine

Carla said...

Great post. I really like "Take a Snapshot of Your Life from a Helicopter". Sometime we get so caught up in our lives/problems that we only see our situation from one point of view. When I look at a situation from a different standpoint, my who perspective shifts.

Agust Gudbjornsson said...

Great points in these financial crisis, thanks man!

Bad Economy said...

I like to write my troubles down and mail it to someone I don't know, from the phone book. I don't give them my return address, since I don't want my troubles back. :)

Michelle said...

Really great post! I definitely think that when things go wrong it's important to look at what you've done right so that you can feel inspired to make more things go right, and the productivity only continues the inspiration. It's a good cycle to be on. Thanks for the post.

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