Leadership: 5 Facts Leadership Gurus Don’t Tell

leadershipLeadership: the leader, the supervisor, the boss, the manager.. These titles (and others) describe people who are responsible for getting things accomplished by acting trough others.
Leading can be a daunting task. In some ways it can be positively thrilling. Just as the freedom, responsibility, and respect start to lift you to cloud nine, the paranoia, fear, and anxiety can bring you crashing back down to earth!

I have been a student of leadership for many years and even today, I am still learning! While I have read many books on the subject there are some things, leadership gurus’ don’t cover, as much as we want them to.

1. The ‘F’ word isn’t easy

For most people, firing is not an easy thing to do. Those you must discharge, may have worked at a job for a long time. They may or may not have done their best. Either way, firing can mean they have loss of money, prestige, security and sense of self-worth. Still, if you are going to be true to yourself and to your organization as leader, you have no choice.

2. Leadership is lonely

The scariest down side of the whole thing is the isolation. People do not become leaders because they want to have more dark days of isolation!
One of the hardest times for a leader is when you have to keep your own counsel and make a difficult decision. It may be decision that is received with dismay and resentment, but you are not at liberty to give your staff the complete picture.

3. “Freaking out” isn’t an option

Learning to pull yourself together and gain control over these emotions and actions before they bury you….
This is a tough one. No matter how bad it gets, no matter what kind of day you’re having, you have to hold yourself together.

4. You don’t need to be an expert in everything

It used to be thought that leaders grow into their jobs because of the technical experience and product knowledge they acquire at each step. However, in this age of technical specialization, it is virtually impossible to be more of an expert in everything that those you lead in most leadership jobs. This means that the technical knowledge is far less importance then is how you train you belief system.

5. To lead, you must first win minds

The higher you go, the more you’re under scrutiny from those beneath you who think they can do your job better and those above you who think they are paying you too much (in most cases).

A good deal of leadership in the wining of victories, in everything you do, has to do with your ability to win the minds of the people around you. If you can do this, you’ll not only lead successfully, but you’ll be successful in achieving your goals and objectives.

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Anonymous said...

Dr. E.S. Wibbeke has a unique take on leadership entitled, Geoleaderhip. I just found the website for the book here and it looks quite interesting:


Anonymous said...

I am wondering why the church is incorporating so much humanistic business theory into the realm of church leadership? Number 1 above is a case in point. We have church leadership conferences featuring business leaders with a track history of unethical behavior and politicians who coerce people daily. I never hear the term "servant leadership" anymore.

Anonymous said...

leadership+me=EASY AS PIE!

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