7 Different Types Of Punctually Challenged People. Which One Are You?

Some of us are annoyingly late despite our best intentions and many years of trying to improve!
I have read many books on subject, but Never Be Late Again: 7 Cures for the Punctually Challenged by Diana DeLonzo was a no-nonsense book, with many "A-HA!" moments! It is a must read for the punctually challenged. (Don’t take my word for it, read the Amazon reviews for the book.)

Reading Diana’s book I began to think differently about time and what could be achieved in a specific amount of time. I also learned that there are many different personality and character types associated with being late. Many of which we can relate to personally!
Which character type can you relate to the most?

1. The Absent-Minded Professor

late The Absent-Minded ProfessorSomeone who is caught up in his own world, and never thinks about time. A person who forgets most things and can be distracted very easily.
They are usually slow and leave their things here and there (ahem…). They often jump from one activity to another or get lost in what they are doing.

2.The Rebel

A person, who truly hate stereotypes, everyday rules and schedules. By being always late they try to resist authority and underline their courage of breaking the laws.

3. The Indulger

late A person who wastes time doing unimportant things and lacks self control. They don’t have a good concept of time and always put important things off that leads to chronic lateness.

4. The Rationalizer

A person who is very often late for work or meeting, but always justifies such behavior by various outside circumstances. Such people hate being reminded about their being late because they do not acknowledge their responsibility for lateness and blame everything or everyone but themselves.

5. The Evader

Someone who always feels the necessity to control own environment, and this idea makes him/her anxious. Such people have problems with self-organization, and their inability to do the things properly makes them feel helpless and stressed out. At that, the Evaders’ own needs or routine takes precedence over their being on time.

6. The Producer

lateA very busy person who tends to squeeze incredible amount of tasks into every minute and do several things at the same time. They are always late because they can not properly schedule their time and have to go on doing something they have planned.

7. The Deadliner

Someone who truly enjoys running behind the schedules and looks for a crisis to get motivated and win the battle. However, it always leads to being desperately late.

So, which character type can you relate to the most? Leave a comment and let me know.
I am the type where discipline is the main problem; my mom is the type who rationalizes away how her tardiness affects others; and my dad is the Absent Minded Professor!

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Daniel Richard said...

Hmm. I should fall under #2. Subsconsciously.

Let's say that 2 years ago while I was supposed to be 9-5. I came in at 10.30 (or 11), worked only frm 12-1pm, then left the office to clear all appointments and return at 4pm to clear messages and leave on the dot (cos we aren't allowed to leave anytime earlier and later).

Lasted 6mths, only to get sent to another department that works 12hrs shift (+1 hr for the pre and post meetings). Let's say that I came in after the meetings and stayed in the perimeters until time's up.


the pathfinder said...

hmm guess i am a cross between the absent minded professor and the indulger

Chris Edgar | Purpose Power Coaching said...

Thanks for this. I liked the emphasis on the states of mind that produce procrastination, which I think takes it to a deeper level than the usual "unplug your phone while you're working"-style advice we tend to see.

Carla | Green and Chic said...

I am more of a rebel when it comes to the ole 9-5 grind. Unless it was absolutely necessary, I almost never showed up on the dot. Thankfully most of the time, no one noticed.

Absent minded is usually second on my list.

Celes | CelestineChua.com said...

Hey Shamelle! This post was a total joy to read - I'm so totally #6 The Producer. I have a knack for trying to do as many things as possible even when I'm running late - then I'll very obviously be late, and I'll still be trying to get the stuff done! Nowadays, my timeliness has improved a lot more.

Coincidentally, I wrote an article on my site before on 17 tips to be on time, and this has been quite popular among my readers: http://celestinechua.com/blog/2009/05/17-tips-to-be-on-time/


I'm usually a punctual person. Sometimes, just to make things different though, I can deliberately come late, haha. Well, that could fall into the rebel type after all :-)

Jonathan - Advanced Life Skills said...

What a great post. I saw a combination of 2,3,and 6 in myself with a dash of 7. I have a bad habit of trying to squeeze in one more quick task when there isn't enough time. Then it's hurry up time which just causes unneeded pressure.

Robert A Henru said...

Quite surprised that many has trouble with punctuality. I'm more of producer, trying to squeeze more things into my schedule, if I have several minutes to get there on time, i better do some more things, things that get me late... it's the challenge!

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