How To Re-focus When You Lose Focus

how to focusLately, I have noticed a common theme amongst a few people I know. It seems we are all struggling with the same issue – the ability to stay focused on a single task for a
prolonged period of time.

Focus is what you direct your attention to, what you allow into awareness.

Focus is a blend of intention, discipline and skill. It can be achieved by anyone who is willing to put forth the necessary effort.

Focus is something that must be fought for (it doesn’t happen just because you want it to, either!) Most often, it depends on why we lose focus.

Reason 1: Activities Don’t Interest You

Sadly, all tasks we do(or rather have to do!) are not equally enjoyable. If you find your mind wandering frequently during disliked tasks, this is a focus barrier well worth breaking through.

How to re-focus:
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Have Powerful Reasons
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Reason 2: Too Many Concurrent Tasks

Sometimes, we find ourselves working on a number of concurrent tasks at any given time.

How to re-focus:
Get More Done In Less Time
Learn To Prioritize & Say No Where Required

Reason 3: Interruptions & Distractions

Beeped and pinged, interrupted and inundated, overloaded and hurried: that’s usually part of our daily routine. We are constantly bombarded by things competing to attract our attention.

How to re-focus:
Regain Control When Distractions Are Eating Your Time
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Reason 4: Difficulty In Managing Work Life Balance

Other people will have wants and needs that don’t always coincide with your own. As we attempt to balance the various areas of life, we become more stressed out than ever before.

How to re-focus:
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Reason 5: Emotionally Drained

It’s perfectly OK to get frustrated, angry, etc when circumstances don’t line up as you’d prefer.

How to re-focus:
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Give Yourself An Attitude Tune-Up

Reason 6: Too Tired

Sometimes we don’t have the energy we had before and often find it slow to get back.

How to re-focus:
7 Ways To Revive Your Tired Body And Stay Energized
9 Healthier Ways To Forget The Stresses Of Your Busy Day

We spend millions of seconds doing certain things, and yet it takes only one second to lose direction. So it does take practice to master the art of remaining focused. You can see results at the end of the day when you accomplish the things you most wanted to do, rather than feeling your day was empty because you were distracted by things you consider less important.

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positively present said...

GREAT ideas for regaining focus here. I needed this today. Thanks!

Shamelle said...

@Positively Present: Thanks. Hope this post will help you keep your eye on the prize ;-)

Matt | Focused Awareness said...

What a wealth of information. This is going to be my go-to when i start to drift.
However, I do try to pencil in time for drifting. Space in my day for unorganized mental meandering.
It's as important to me as my structured time. I feel like it's less productive in the moment but as necessary in the long term. It's about balance in life. Time to zone out and time to get down to business.

Shamelle said...

@Matt: Yes, as you say we need to have time for "unorganized mental meandering". Also, we should use the "carrot approach" :-0) Where we reward ourselves for "finished" work.

Mark Foo | said...

Hi Shamelle,

I like the concept of your post here, where you link to several of your past articles in a post under one
topic. This is pretty innovative. I'll try this out on my own blog. Just not sure if I can find that many posts to bring together to come under one single topic though. :)



Shamelle said...

@Mark: You noticed the linking :-0) To be honest, I had this post in mind when I wrote the other ones. Kind of weaved it together in this post.

June Freaking Cleaver said...

I almost lost focus for a while there. I picked your blog as one of my favorites this week! Great job here!

Shamelle said...

@June: That's why the post is title "how to Re-focus when you lose focus" he he.

Thank you for stopping by and the generous link in your blog.

Helene said...

I was never very talented at multi-tasking so I can identify with "too many concurrent tasks." Thanks for your contribution to The Work at Home Family Carnival.

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