How Twitter Accidentally Suspended My Account & How I Got It Activated In 2 Hours!

Twitter Accidently Suspended My Account I use TwitterFox (Firefox plugin), for my tweeting and unlike other days the twitter icon on the bottom right status bar of was red, and there were a pop-up message. “Can’t login with username EnhanceLife”

I thought it might be my ADSL connection which, usually keeps bailing out on me. Simply to verify, I tried logging into my twitter account. To my horror, the image on the left of this post was what I saw when I typed http:/

It was a generic suspended page which directed to the “policy” page. After reading all the rules and regulations, I was positive that I had not violated any rules. The more I read through the rules, I was getting more irritated since I had no clue why my account was suspended!

Next, I searched the good Google to see whether I could find any information on how to get the account activated. Then after digging through some articles, I came across the Twitter blog, which had a post which said they were restoring accidentally suspended accounts.

Earlier today, we accidentally suspended a number of accounts.
We regret the human error that led to these mistaken suspensions and we are working to restore the affected accounts. ...

I didn’t want the twitter team to take their own time and restore my account so I sent a notice to the Twitter support team. This is what it read..

My account (@EnhanceLife), has been suspended since a few hours ago. I did read the terms and conditions and I am confident that I did not violate any rules.

Investigating further I found from your blog that by mistake several accounts have been suspended.
Being a software developer myself, I understand that these things happen to the best of us. I hope measures are taken to activate my account (@EnhanceLife) as soon as possible.
Thank you

Of course, I was not this calm! Believe me there were certain words that came flowing through to my finger tips, which my mother would not approve of!! I could have written all that. However, I figured..

1. Twitter admitted the mistake
2. Twitter confirmed they were working to restore the account
3. They must have already received several offensive emails regarding the accounts being suspended.
4. The person/team who made the flop, must be already feeling terrible and probably got a good dose from Twitter management.
5. Others in the Twitter team must have been annoyed that they had extra work, because of “someone else’s” mistake.

Lastly, I knew the chances of how quick I would get the account activated, would mostly depend on how I write the message!

Guess what, the calm and thoughtful message helped. The Twitter team restored my account in less than 2 hours(I still hear that some accounts are not restored). Thank you Twitter team.

Were you also one of the victims of this as well? Have you gotten your twitter account activated by now?

This whole incident made me realize that we depend so.. much on yahoo, Google, facebook etc.. it hard to imagine what our lives would be like without it… even if it’s for a while!

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alex - unleashreality said...

haha that's crazy funny. not because it got suspended, that sucks. but because my facebook recenlty got suspended for no real reason either.

i also sent them a tactful message (or three) and got it back.

...but awwwsome point. we get so hookt on technology it's frightening. like crack. computer crack. i heartily recommend periodic detox. take a road trip with some perky member(s) of the opposite sex out into the country with no cellphones / ipods / anything electrical except a torch for some glory rewiring.

awwwsome site all round.
subscribed and stumbled

keep in touch
alex - unleash reality

Mark said...

tweet, tweet! Glad it all worked out.


I didn't know these things happen, I guess I better check my twitter account. Thanks for the tip! :-)

Robin said...

Hi Shamelle - good on you! It seems your strategy worked. I rarely look at my Twitter these days, so I wouldn't know if it happened to me! - I find there are too many one-sided conversations filling up my column (even with a favorites group in Tweetdeck) that I can't relate to. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

In less than 5 mins you can have your account back at

Anonymous said...

I have just had my account suspended 3 days prior to an election.

My posts were to some degree repetitious but they were a political message which would reach different demographics at different times of the day across the under hashtags.

If you check the spam act political communication is exempt of the spam act.

There were no monies derived from the tweets. About 10-20 per day. There was no personal attacks and many tweets that were @ were television programs.

It also appears Twitter is removing posts with hyperlinks to particular websites which may impact powerful lobby groups in the US. So much for free speech.

Meanwhile the porn spam bots continue under the same has tag along with the some vial language poster with he most vitriol of language.

Id say I was reported by someone with enough sway to have me canned 2 days prior the election.

I cant see Twitter surviving under this reporting model. Business will need several accounts to prevent suspension.

Now that Twitter are implementing advertising it will only take one of the other big dotcoms to release and improved version before complete collapse.

If I were business I wouldn't invest the time with such volatility in the reporting procedure.

It appears someone with power has had me suspended at a whim.

I cant see Twitter sustaining long term business.

Its a lot to lose.

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