Are You Practicing Being Unhappy?

You probably read the headline twice. You might have wondered whether the author of this post has made a mistake in writing the headline or think this post is plain ridiculous!

Of course you won’t “practice” being unhappy; at least not intentionally. But what do I mean by “Practicing Being Unhappy”?
Suppose, for argument’s sake that your goal was to be as unhappy, frustrated, and stressed out as possible. What would you need to do? The only way to guarantee that you would success would be to think lots of unhappy, angry, stressful thoughts. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to be as unhappy as you’d like.

This works because our thoughts are closely linked to our state of mind and the way we feel, we need to think negatively before we actually can feel that way. If you don’t believe me, give it a try. Just try to get upset right now without first thinking about something that upsets you.

We are always thinking, every moment of the day. It just that we’re not always aware that we are doing so. Thinking is a bit like breathing in the sense that, until you read the word “breathing” just now, you probably weren’t aware of your breath. Thinking is like that too. It goes on and on, whether we are aware of it or not.

The problem is, if we’re not aware of the link and connection between our thoughts and the way we feel, our thoughts can and often do encourage us to feel bad. This in turn, makes us act out in negative ways.

If you can catch yourself thinking negatively and drop those thoughts, then often you can snap yourself out of a negative state of mind simply by realizing. That doesn’t mean that it’s always going to be easy, but it sure helps to get you back on track!

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positively present said...

This is a FANTASTIC post! I really think people practice being unhappy more than they realize. Love the way you wrote this!

Shamelle said...

@PositivelyPresent: Dani, thanks for the continuous encouragement. Really, appreciate it.

suZen said...

Brilliant! If more people read this post there would be absolutely no need for prozac or mood enhancing drug! And you know what? It makes me sad to say this, but I do know people who practice unhappy. I actually had one person tell me she didn't want to hang out with me anymore because I was always TOO happy! Like it's a disease? Like I said - it's sad.

Positive Gangsta said...

The best way to practice being unhappy is watch the news! It workd best each morning b4 work and each night after work!

Sweet post!

Boris said...

Good post!
The best thing to do is be aware continuosly of our thoughts, feelings and actions.
All the best.

Anita said...

Great post! This is so true. It is so easy to slip into negative thinking, especially if you are hurting or you are angry. Eckhart Tolle wrote a good book called "The Power of Now." It teaches you how to become aware of your thoughts, how to control them and how to live in the present.

Michelle said...

Negative thinking really can become a second-nature if you don't catch yourself doing it, and focusing on changing your thoughts can help you feel less unhappy. Thanks for the post; it's great.

Mia said...

Great post, thanks! It's scary to think of how much affect our little fleeting thoughts have on us. Something I hate to see is mother's complaining about their body in front of their young daughters. I think those daughters will grow up critical of their own bodies and many won't even be able to pin-point the start of their negative body image - we are not aware enough of our thoughts and their affect on us.

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