Network Your Way To Success: 7 Practical Tips

Any successful person will no doubt testify that in addition to their technical and professional capability, their ability to establish and develop effective/lasting relationships is critical, to success.

Harsh Truths: Why Relationships Are Critical For Success

1. Whether it's “getting that first big break”, landing the job, winning the promotion, gaining the sale, [your list here] …. you NEED to get cooperation and help from other people.

2. People are more likely to help their friends than strangers.

3. When it comes to choosing a supplier or business partner etc., Most people prefer someone they know and trust.

Your ability to be charming, to be a genuinely likable and pleasant person, will open more doors for you, than any other quality.

In theory, building good relationships and connecting with people is easy. In reality, we all know relationships can often seem like fragile things. It’s often built and destroyed by the actions we take.
Here are several practical tips to help network your way to success.

1. Take Initiative To Be Helpful.

Too many people wait for others to go first. They adopt the attitude, “When and if you do for me, I’ll do for you.”

Take the initiative. It doesn’t have to be too time consuming on your part. Give them leads that may help them. For example, connect people to other people who may be a resource to them.
Why? What better way to build strong relationships than by giving something of value to other people.

2. Don’t Be That Person, People Want To Avoid!

Many of us have people in our lives that we can't stand. Some would swear that they are just about everywhere! If so, it’s likely that you would try to avoid situations where you would be forced to deal with people such as these. Don’t let that person be you!

3. Stay True To Your Commitments.

This seems simple enough. However, how often have you experienced people doing the exact opposite? I have experienced this times. As a customer, I get told the work will be done tomorrow, and then it is not!
Set the right expectations with others and then live up to those expectations. If for some reason you are unable to meet these expectations, keep others informed in advance so that they won’t feel let down at the last minute.

4. Build An Impeccable Relationship With Your Boss

The relationship you have with your boss can be a major factor in determining your destination on the career ladder. It can be a wellspring of growth possibilities if nurtured properly or a career minefield if left to go sour. Thus, developing a good relationship with your boss is your best job skill and highly useful one, no matter where you work.

5. Exhibit Total Professionalism

Never participate in gossip or in discussing the business of coworkers behind their backs. People will trust you and know that what they tell you is safe in your hands. Alliances only work when trust is present.

6. Fine Tune Your Communication

The ability to communicate in an informal and friendly manner is essential for every aspect of a person's business, social, and personal life.
So, make an effort to improve your diplomacy, style, pitch, vocabulary & tone.

7. Don’t Forget Your Roots.

You are what you are today because of your family, friends, schools, previous jobs, and places you’ve lived.
Let the people that matter to you most know that you need them. Let them know they’ve helped or inspired you. Offer your gratitude and attention for their contributions.

If you leave it all behind, you lose touch with an integral part of you.

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Wilma Ham said...

Relationships are the most important resource in life and with that I mind I do agree to give any relationship your full attention.
As we were able to be less and less dependent on others, we have become very unaware of the wealth that good relationships can offer.

You say "In life you NEED to get cooperation and help from other people" and when we get this in our thick head, we would be a whole lot better of.

Walter said...

Relationship is extremly important if we want to advance in life. No matter how much we try to do it on our own, there will come a time when we need help from others.

Of all the tips you have mentioned, I think commitment is the most important attribute one must possess. In my experience I would easily trust a person who is true to his/her word. :-)

Mike said...

great relationships = success

Great post. I listed it on for other readers to enjoy!

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