How Much Control Do We Really Have Over Our Own Lives?

Playing with the cards we are dealt with
Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well. ~Josh Billings
When any year begins everyone is filled with good cheer and look forward to the days with much hope. You feel as if you have a handful of Ace’s.

But as each day unfolds, the cards you receive are different. Sometimes, you think ahead and can predict what cards you get; other times, you know what card you need to play to get the card you want. The rest of time, no matter what we had planned and no matter how much you try to control the cards you get, life seemed to have its own plans!

How much control do we really have over our own lives?

I guess this is the “fate or destiny” question. I’ve casually philosophized about it before but this time it’s personal. I’m not trying to be whiny so please excuse me if I come off that way, but lately I find that when I sit back and “let things fall into place” they really don’t, and when I “take control of my life” I’m only in control of so much.

A conversation with my positive attitude(PA) kicks in,
PA: Your mind and your spirit are of you.
The drive and determination you have to achieve something true and real, is only successful, if you can take a look at the world around you and realize that it, is out of control, not you.

You have control over your life. You control what you think. You control how you ac , how you look and you control the people that you have in your life.
Note: by control, I mean "who", not forcing people to do stuff against their will.

me: But how do I know if I am in control?
PA:well, If you can be quiet, inside of your own mind, with it yelling back at you. You are in control.

me: Geeze, my mind is always yelling at me, I must be crazy!
PA:You aren't Crazy, You are in more control.
That control is an integral part of your life, what you think, and how you feel, is YOURS
No one else’s.

NO ONE else put that thought into your head and if they did, congratulate them for planting some seeds!

me: Silent for now…

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suZen said...

Hi Shamelle! Love the conversation above - sounds so much like me and Monkey Mind! Gets me a little nuts too! Have you read "New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle? It sure did help me with this whole WHO is thinking thing and how to NOT listen to some of the jumble.

Jonathan Figaro said...

If you have control of your thoughts, beleifs and emotions, you got control of more than 98 percent of your life!

Marvin Barrett said...

Hi Shamelle,

An interesting post, which is a conversation that comes up often.

Control, I believe is to be assumed rather than given. So I believe with our lives we have to assume full control, accepting that the road is hard, unpredicatable and unclear at times but despite that must remain positive about who controls the overall destination.

A small analogy I'd give here would be, in my house I have an electric meter that I can credit everytime it runs low and needs topping up.

I have control over the amount I put on, when I do it and so forth. However, the electricity board control the overall destination and plan for it. If they have problems then I also experience them regardless of what I may do.

So control is relative to every situation, but in terms of our lives we need to assume that control otherwise there are power hungry people around who will help us :-)


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