The Last Look

I watched a movie called Elizabethtown(2005) today and was inspired by a sentence that was said in the movie.

"You know the way people look at you, when they believe it’s for the last time. I’ve started collecting these looks.."
Knowingly or otherwise, we’ve all been at the giving and receiving end of many “last looks”.
It bought back many memories of my last looks…
  • The look I gave to every doctor that came out of the theater door, while my father was having brain surgery
  • The many “good bye” looks; the last look, that sometimes broke the very essence of me…
  • The look on a 6 year old girl, when I dropped of some toys and books at a children’s home
  • The look my grandfather gave me, before he passed away

Well, there’s many many more but I’m sure you don’t want to hear about all those.. Here’s a second look, at “the last look”!

The Last Look: Who cares!
Just the by-passing look of people you come in contact with. Their last look has no impact on you.

The Last Look: Regret
When you know, it shouldn’t have been the “last look”, but you did nothing.

The Last Look: Rejection
The looks that make you feel you are not good enough

The Last Look: Fate
If it was meant to be, it will be.. true.. Fate controls who walk into your life but YOU decide who you let walk out, who get’s to stay and who you refuse to let go.

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Richard said...

I know it is hard to talk about this but thanks for sharing your experience.

Wolfgang said...

i love the film elizabethtown. I'll never forget the last look of my uncle that he gave to me before he past away. thank you for your article!

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